Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Question 1: How can I use your music for my project? (ex: video game, film project, online video, podcast…)
– For any type of business use you need to buy a commercial license for the track(s) you want to use. Please use the business contact form, and provide specific details on your project and how you want to use my music, and I will get back to you with details.

Question 2: Can I use your music or sample it to in my personal Social Media Content?
– Yes, if you want to use any of my music for use in your personal social media content, you are free to do so as long as you give me credit and tag me in the description (thank you for doing that). However, you are not allowed to sample my music for using in your own music releases as that would become a nightmare of copyright conflict.

Question 3: I have a question, how can I reach you?
– If you have a business question, use my business contact form.

PS. I get 1000s of messages on all my emails and social media profiles every day. I simply have no time to respond to all. Thank you for respecting my time.

My Story

– My name is Mikael Baggström, and I am a music composer, producer, sound designer, musician and artist from Sweden. My journey began in my childhood with piano lessons, but the real start of my big adventure as a music creator began in the late 90s when I created my very first complete music composition on very rudimentary tools and equipment.

From that day my music studio, my music skills, knowledge and experience have grown every single day from hard work, practice, and continously investing in my dreams. Today I own and play over 20 acoustic instruments that add that human touch and soul to my music, all recorded and produced in my own professionally equipped music studio in Sweden.

I am inspired by so many great music composers and artists in a huge range of styles, but the main styles of music I have personally specialised in as a composer and artist are:

1 – Viking & Medieval Music
2 – Fantasy & RPG Music
3 – Dark Atmospheric Music

If you need any of these music styles for the soundtrack of your project, I am very interested in discussing things further with you. Please use the business contact form here.