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License Music to use in Your Project

Music is a significant part of the emotional impact and engaging atmosphere of any media production. Your project deserves amazing music that fits perfectly.

Find the track you want to license below, then send me an email that includes the track name and the ISRC Code, and what type of project you want to license the music for.

Email for Music Licensing: business@nordstarstudio.com

Njordic – Viking Music

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Track Name ISRC Code
Campfire Tales QZK6J2315653
Odin the All-Father QZTB72360406
Remember the Fallen QZTB82356721
Battle of the North QZTB82380260
Fury of Fenrir QZWFF2334556
Marching to Battle QZWFG2320369
Drums & Dragons QZWFH2329814
Hugin & Munin QZWFH2387849
Mjølnir QZWFJ2321937
Herr Mannelig QZWFK2338790
Path of the Warrior QZWFN2321506
The Elder Ways QZWFL2332863
Valkyria QZWFN2322371
The Dark Army QZWFQ2369880
Vikings on Arrakis QZWFQ2394034
Daughter of Skadi QZWFQ2394035
Ragnarök QZFYX2408653
Valhall QZFYZ2453978
The Lonely Wolf QZFZ22421424
The Viking Way of Life QZFZ22461193

Bardstorm – Fantasy Music

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Track Name ISRC Code
First Adventure QZK6H2343290
Peaceful Exploration QZTAU2342818
Simple Life QZTAU2345189
Divine Magic QZTAU2345211
Herr Mannelig (Tavern Version) QZWFK2343214
Taverns & Bards QZFZ22497377

Dark Domains – Dark Ambient Music

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Track Name ISRC Code
Your Last Hour QZES82328020
Mirror of Death QZES82384805
Baba Yaga QZES92357919
Old Magic QZHN32304210
Ruler of the Underworld QZHN32334931
Guardian of Hell QZHN32356149
Tomb of Destiny QZHN32360031
Shadows of Fire QZHN32373607
Final Fate QZHN32373738
Fate vs Death QZHN32373856
Time is Meaningless QZHN32374002
Lake of Hell QZHN32374055
City of the Dead QZHN32374140
Soul Merchant QZHN32374227
Army of Darkness QZHN32374266
The Final Boss QZHN32374306
Devil of the Forest QZHN32374404
Your World on Fire QZHN32374430
Shadow Street QZHN32374547
Secret Order QZHN32374629
Piano Overlord QZHN32374687
Ghost Dimension QZHN52382921
Your Time has Come QZHN52382419
Burning Piano in Hell QZHN52382420
The Riders of Apocalypse QZHN52382421
Someone is Watching QZHN52382922
Child of the Night QZHN52382923
You Wake up in Afterlife QZHN62336104
Evil in the Ocean QZHN62336862
Your World is Dark QZHN72319988
Piano of Doom QZHN72320321
Eternal Fire QZHN82312806
Midnight Ride QZHN82313572
Forgotten Cabin QZHN92395343
The Lonely Hour QZHN92395860
Holiday in Hell QZHN92395861
Castle of Doom QZHN92395863
Abandoned World QZHN92395864
Castle of Aaargh QZHN92395865
Altar of Sacrifice QZHNA2312701
Silent Shadow QZHNA2368192
Anti Hero QZHNA2368196
Evil Eye QZHNA2368247
Werewolf in the Mist QZK6J2312311
Forest of Eternal Nightmares QZPLR2355583
When the Zombies Come QZPLR2356141
The Moaning of Lost Souls QZPLR2356142
Ancient Necropolis QZPLR2356553
Labyrinth of Shadows QZPLR2356962
Dungeon of Despair QZPLR2356964
Machine of Madness QZPLR2357561
Surreal Dystopia QZPLR2358719
Angels of Darkness QZTBC2368196
The Mind of a Demon QZWFR2331237
Temptations of the Dark Side QZWFR2385035
Lucifer’s Dream QZWFS2307733


Dreamspace Music – Atmospheric Music

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Track Name ISRC Code
Nostalgic Nature QZES72393084
Deeper Dreams QZES72393083
Floating in the Clouds QZES72393082
Remembering the Past QZES72393081
Old Mountains QZES72393080
Ocean Lights QZES72393079
Flower Fields QZES72393078
Infinite Dunes QZES72393077
Nature is Mighty QZES72393076
Eternal Sun QZES72393075
The Magic of Water QZES72393074
Ancient Times QZHN52381626
Village of Sorcery QZHN52381999
Traveling Together QZHN52382000
Unexpected Beauty QZHN52382001
Fate is Calling QZHN52382418
Glorious Knight QZK6H2339336
Voices of God QZK6H2339807
Returning Home QZK6H2315975
Dreams of the Past QZNWZ2394478
Drifting in Stardust QZNWZ2394839
Moonlight Solitude QZNWZ2395903
Valley of the Elves QZNWZ2397539
Astral Dreamscape QZNWZ2399582
Ethereal Oasis QZPLR2307123
Celestial Lullaby QZPLR2310145
Enchanted Chronicles of Eldoria QZPLR2323708
Welcome to Silverhelm QZPLR2324893
Port of Meridian Shores QZPLR2326543
Joy of Nostalgia QZPLR2326988
Sailing in the Sky QZPLR2327419
Tales from Woodland Routes QZPLR2328482
Celestial Chariot QZPLR2330379
Legacy of a Legend QZPLR2332739
Eternal Quest QZPLR2363121
Serenade for the Fallen QZPLR2366603
Fading Memories QZPLR2371600
Light of Luminaria QZPLR2396915
Druid Sisters QZPLR2398299
Nightfall in Moldaria QZPLS2324362
Melodies of a Thousand Years QZPLS2326247
Lost in the Wind QZRP42340797
Realm of Illusion QZRP42344085
Reflection of the Past QZRP42346338
Path to Pandora QZRP52327862
Melancholy of Magic QZRP52328696
Harmony of Dawn QZRP52333877
The Comfort of Fire QZRP52335762
Cloud Kingdom QZTAU2385043
Whispering Winds QZTAU2386727
You are Lost in Space QZWFS2305413

Mikael Baggström – Cinematic Music

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Track Name ISRC Code
Intense Car Chase in Big City QZFZ42378336
Powerful Metal Engines QZFZ42378899
Journey of Exploration QZFZ42379802
The Final Frontier QZFZ42379805
Graceful Glory of Kings QZFZ42381835
The Chaos of War QZK6Q1988565
Graceful Motion QZFZ42383809
Escape the Silence QZFZ42383814
Gentle Wind of Hearts QZFZ42386024
Castle of Glory QZFZ42386042
A Thousand Dreams from Home QZFZ42391672
The Grit of the City QZFZ42391772
The Magic Ocean Above QZFZ42394102
The Hammer of the Gods QZK6Q1988567
A Dark Parade in Hell QZFZ42394104
The Drums of War QZK6Q1988566