Soundtrack Music for Your Project

My core vision is to always create music productions that will bring the listener into a wonderful world of emotion and atmosphere.

I would love to work with you, and create amazing soundtrack music for your project. Music that elevates the emotional impact and power of your production.

Mikael Baggström
Founder of Nordstar Studio

Mikael Baggström - Composer, Sound Designer, Artist
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Level Up your Project with Amazing Music

Music is a huge part of the emotional impact and engaging atmosphere of any media production. And your project deserves an amazing soundtrack.

My specialties in regards to music style and mood are: Fantasy Music, Nordic & Viking Music, Atmospheric Music, Epic Music and Cinematic Music.

When we start working together, we discuss what soundtrack style will suit your project best.

Let’s Work Together

We take care of every step of the soundtrack music production, from start to finish.

  • Soundtrack Concept Development
  • Music Composition & Arranging
  • Instrument & Sound Recording
  • Music Production & Mixing
  • Mixing & Mastering of the Music

Price for Custom Soundtrack Music

We charge per minute of finished music, and the price will vary depending on factors like project scope (how much music you need, more total music means less cost per minute), music production and recording complexity, project scope and end use license etc. But a general guideline would be in the range of 500 – 2500 USD per minute of music.

You will get a world wide exclusive commerical license to use the soundtrack music for your project and any attached marketing use for that specific project (social media, advertisements etc.).

Interested in Soundtrack Music for Your Project?

Send an email with your: business name, and a brief description of the project you need soundtrack music for.